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Welcome to The Trout Trap!

The Trout Trap was created to celebrate the beauty and fun of trout fishing the great outdoors.

This website is going to explore every and all aspects of trout fishing, both spin casting and fly fishing. From locations, equipment, techniques, receipts, art work, fun facts- to promos, giveaways, and contests, you will receive everything trout. Let’s increase your success and joy the next time you go out on the water.

Did you know that over 90% of fishable water is untouched by the general public?? We will have discussions in regards to top secret locations to reel in the pigs and whoppers all around the world. We will put you on rivers and streams that are untapped to better increase your odds of having the “day to remember”. The Trout Trap will offer suggestions in regards to the different parts of a lake or stream to fish and the appropriate equipment to use for every situation.

Did you know that most sunscreens eat away fishing line?? There is a lot of garbage fishing gear out there. We will help you navigate the good, better, best fishing equipment to ensure you are hooked up properly for every budget. From head to toe, we will examine head gears and glasses, to the rods and reels, to the vests and waders, to yes- even the sunscreen that you should use. There will be a lot of good discounts and promos that we will be running every month to make sure you are hooked up.

Did you know that there are over 20 different casting methods and techniques?? The Trout Trap is going to analyze and discuss all of them. One of the most important aspects of fishing is not the gear you have, but the way you use and care for the gear you have. We will not only post on casting techniques, but techniques to make you a better fisherman all the way around. From caring for your gear, to setting it up, to the proper way to carry and transport your equipment, we will hit on all of it.

Did you know that fish is one of the most healthy foods a human can consume?? Okay…we are sure that you probably knew this, but did you know that cooking trout lakeside or riverside is the best tasting meal you will ever eat?? Okay…you probably know that as well :). Cooking and preparing trout is almost just as fun as catching it. We will be posting various cooking and grilling receipts that will blow your mind!

Did you know that The Trout Trap is the number 1 community for trout fishing?? Maybe not quite yet, BUT we invite you to come explore and share with us. Let us know why you love trout fishing, send us your catch of the day, and tell us what your favorite aspects of fishing are. We strive to make The Trout Trap more than just a place for fishermen to learn about trout and view cool pictures. We want to provide a platform so that everyone of all ages can share knowledge, pictures, and thoughts in regards to trout fishing.

This is a website designed to share and learn so that the next time you go trout fishing, you are more motivated and encouraged to land the big one!!

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